Our School

Welcome to Ceres Primary School, we are a small school located in the township of Ceres, only a short drive out of Highton.


Ceres Primary School prides itself on providing an inclusive education, with a strong essence of a rural community connectedness with our students, families and staff. 


Established in 1875, Ceres Primary School historically is an important part of the community with parents of former students maintaining an interest and involvement in the ongoing activities of the school.


Ceres Primary School’s design is rural traditional. It has been redeveloped with attention maintaining the architectural integrity of the two main Victorian buildings. The school consists of a historical sandstone classroom, two newly built sandstone classrooms and two portables. There is also an administration area, storage shed, and a sports and gardening equipment shed.


The first upgrade of the school was finished in 2004 providing the school with modern, larger classrooms, toilets and an updated administration area. In 2011, the school then received another upgrade with a new two-room portable, painted throughout, running track (through parent fundraising) and new shade sails. In 2018, the school received funding for the upgrade and modernisation of the administration building.


The school is air-conditioned and all rooms are furnished to provide a relaxed, engaging and safe environment.


The school grounds are spacious with a wide variety of playground facilities including shaded outdoor areas (which provide a safe and well equipped play area), a large oval and athletics track, adventure playground, a basketball court, passive playing areas, a large sandpit for the younger students and a Ga Ga pit (through fundraising).


The school is very excited by a range of new projects that are planned for our school, including a number of new play spaces that allow students to enjoy more passive sensory play during the day. 


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