Welcome to Ceres Primary School

Our school provides a warm and nurturing community environment for all students where the individual development of each child, academically, emotionally and socially is the focus.

The comprehensive nature of the curriculum caters for the needs of individuals and allows children to develop to their full potential. Our teachers provide quality programs as the development of each individual in their care is their first priority.

Now that your child has commenced or is about to commence school life, we hope that you as parents will continue to be actively involved in your child’s education. Parent involvement is a feature of our school. We have a strong commitment to a home-school partnership.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to work with teachers as partners in these important years of your child’s life. With your support, your child will develop a positive attitude towards learning thereby developing the skills essential for becoming valued members of the wider community.

We look forward to building a partnership in the education of your child and developing your child into becoming a life-long learner.

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